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New portraits

Antje Kohler

I had a photo shoot with Isabell Schatz last week and new portraits were taken. Isabell just succeeds in bringing the best out of one. Many thanks!
Here you can find a small selection of the portraits!


Christmas is not far off :)

Having wrapped up two really nice concerts with THE ELVIS PRESLEY STORY I’m ready for the Christmas season 2017!

I’m looking forward to 28 concerts of THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS.
We’re having our premiere and cd-release of the new SOUND OF CHRISTMAS album on November the 22nd. For more concert dates check out the Performances tab!

Unfortunately there’ll be no live performances of my show BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS this year. But you can hear songs from my album of the same title at the SOUND OF CHRISTMAS concerts.
Find out which ones at one of the shows! ;)


Autumn is on its way!

After a calm and peaceful summer, I´m back with some wonderful news!
There are a couple of really nice concerts coming up!!!
This month Andy Lee Lang will release his new CD “Elvis & Andy” with his band and singers (that´s me ;) ) at Metropol´s stage and I´ll also be part of this year´s cast of THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS once again. But first there will be three MUSICAL BOX - concerts at Theater 82er Haus in Gablitz in October. You can find more info in the Performances tab. I can´t wait!!!


Summer is here.....

…and I’ll be bringing the spirit of summer vacation to Vienna again this year with the Zuckerwatte Combo. ;)

We will be playing on June 28th at 20:00 at Metropol’s stage, Pawlatschenbühne, on June 29th at 18:00 in Vienna’s 4th district festival, Freihausfestival, and on July 24th at 19:30 at the Tschauner Bühne theatre. "Komm ein bisschen mit nach Italien!"


And the tour continues....

After an incredibly enriching experience on the successful Schlagerlegenden tour in Germany (which will continue in 2018) I’m back in Vienna and looking forward to some eventful, upcoming months!!!

There are more concerts with Andy Lee Lang and The Elvis Presley Story coming up and I will be singing with a good friend, Florian Danklmaier, at his concert, “Top 40 – Florian plays Danklmaier.” 

As of this year I am also a member of the Österreichischer Sprecherverband (Austrian Voice Over Union). I’ve built my own little home recording studio and I’m looking forward to upcoming jobs as a voice over artist.


On the road with the legends of Schlager....

I’m smack dab in the middle of our Schlager legends tour through Germany! It’s good old-fashioned fun on the stage with Peggy March, Ireen Sheer, Lena Valaitis, Mary Roos, Graham Bonney, Michael Holm, and the Otti Bauer band. We’ll be on the road until April 27th and I’ll be posting daily tour photos in my Tour Diary  on my facebook page for all of those who want to experience a bit of the tour with us. ;)