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Because it's Christmas

Antje Kohler - Because it's Christmas


Hör Mal !


Having wrapped up two really nice concerts with THE ELVIS PRESLEY STORY I’m ready for the Christmas season 2017!I’m looking forward to 28 concerts of THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS.We’re having our premiere and cd-release of the new SOUND OF CHRISTMAS album on November the 22nd. For more concert dates check out the Performances tab!Unfortunately there’ll be no live performances of... ..mehr dazu
After a calm and peaceful summer, I´m back with some wonderful news!There are a couple of really nice concerts coming up!!!This month Andy Lee Lang will release his new CD “Elvis & Andy” with his band and singers (that´s me ;) ) at Metropol´s stage and I´ll also be part of this year´s cast of THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS once again. But first there will be... ..mehr dazu